Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Digimon 02

Again im falling in love with digimon after a long time does not watch it.

 hmm the last time i watch it when i am in form 4 etoo

mybe form 5. hehe Im watch it at astro ceria "ntok kitea kita ajer" bak kte Nabil. hehe. Then going to uitm.. Again miss to watch it fully! Then now!

Someone download it! Mochiron I take the opputunity to copy it^^ weee... Ahh digimon that i had mention today is 02. Digimon Adventure i had watch it fully before and yes i had burn it already^^ In digimon adventure the char that i really likes is Ishida Yamato kun>.< 

  y?? becoz he had tomodachi as his crest! And i really like when he leave the group to find the real him^^ hmm someday im really want to wander in order to find the real me. Demo is not easy.. cox im a girl.
Abunai abunai...
ok ok in 02 a bit disappointed becoz yamato become busy with his band group and there have three more new char to support senior char who had study in middle school. New char become the main cast except takeru n hikari! ii naa~ But the good thing im falling with another new char!!!

yayy! Ichijouji Ken kun^^

In the beggining of the story i found that his char a really kakkoi n evil. Be a tensai boy and the evil digimon kaiser. But this is not his fault!! later ken kun show his true char that is kindness^^ awww <3<3<3
hehe Now i would like to share some picture i catch from gom player^^

hehe ahh i had to mention this. In 02 i really really love episode 21, 38, 42 and of coz final episode!^^  ok thats all for today^^ oyasumi^^ hope tomorow will become a nice day ever^^

Monday, 9 May 2011

already finish download and watch wolfs rain^^ yatta!

For me this anime is not the genre that i like and will choose to watch in the first place ngeeeee
The reason i watch it because wolfs daisuki!!!! If im not a human i will choose to be a wolf the reason? just because they r kakkoi!! >.<

I like their lifestyle! n of cox i really love when they are in fighting mode! their fangs.. wohhh sugoii!!! here some of their picture^^ ah in this anime i like Hige^^ his style, his fur,his ability and all about him>.<
ok now ~

I should introduce about their personalities^^ ok eventhough Hige is not their first hero but i want to introduce him first huhu

Hige is Mexican Wolf with a carefree attitude, who seems quite comfortable living in human societies. After meeting Kiba, he goes along with the idea of searching for Paradise without much argument, though he doesn't show the same passion as Kiba. The only reason because it seem omoshiroii! Hige wears a collar around his neck, but he doesn't remember how he got it. He also has the strongest sense of smell in the group.

 Kiba is an Arctic Wolf dedicated to finding the Lunar Flower and opening the way to Paradise. Kiba primarily acts on his instincts, which sometimes lead him to act rashly. Full of wolf pride, Kiba in the beginning of the story kiba expresses disgust at wolves who use human disguises (he say this to hige), but eventually realizes that it is necessary to survive.
Next Toboe^^ is a Red Wolf and the youngest of the group. He is considered the pup or the runt by the others in the early part of the series. He was raised by an old woman who found him as a very small pup outside the city, and still wears the bracelets she gave him. Due to his raising, Toboe is friendly and protective towards most humans. Toboe has the strongest sense of hearing in the pack.
Tsume is a grey wolf with a scar across his chest. (Toboe say he looks kakkoi with his scar).  Rough and self-reliant, Tsume is portrayed as a strong fighter who keeps his true feelings to himself. He joins the others out of boredom and does not initially believe in Paradise. Though he frequently quarrels with Kiba over their journey, he eventually comes to believe as strongly as Kiba.
Cheza is also called the "Flower Maiden." The wolves need Cheza to find and open the gateway to Paradise. She was created via alchemy from a Lunar Flower. Originally asleep and under study in a lab in Freeze City, Cheza is eventually able to join the wolves, whom she loves. She often refers to herself in the third person, usually adapting to the words 'This One'. The spilling of a wolf's blood makes Cheza scream, and she has the ability to heal and put wolves into a restful sleep through her song and touch.

Thats all from me hehe jaa nee^^

Saturday, 7 May 2011



only have their picture until 2004..
hmm demo daijoubu!! gonna share others arashi photo ngeeeeeee

yayyy!!! lets see..

hehe n finnaly my ichiban arashi members!! jeng jeng jeng of coz ohno satoshi!!! yayyy!! >.<

weee thats all for today^^ ARASHI ARASHI FOR DREAM!