Saturday, 18 June 2011

Flame of Recca!!

Yatta!! i had finished flame of recca 42 eps all in 3days!!! 
 err and i also had deleted this anime..
 naze da? the only reason jeng3 this anime in not the type that i will kept or burn it. It is not means that i hate fighting anime. It is because i dont like to watch anime that will fight on the ring
zattai yadda! I really like to watch it when they can wander around and fighting. Thats look kakkoii to me! for example saiyuki. hehe promote~

Some information for this anime^^
Its about the boy name Recca who is sent by his mother to 400years in future in order to save him. In the same time, his brother with same father and different mother, Kureii also be sent to the future unexpectedly. Kureii really hate his ototo because of Recca also get the power of flame like him. Then kureii are rejected from be the master of the flame because they only need one master. Because of that Kureii and his mother suffered from what the villagers treat them. Kureii set his mind to kill Recca in order to let him and his mother get a peace. In the future, Kureii found Recca who at that time found a girl who had the power of heal. Recca called that girl, Hime and promise to protected her with all his life. Then Recca learn the truth about himself and Kureii. He know he had to fight back his brother. Inside Recca arms he had 7 dragon of flame. Recca had to control all 7 dragon in order to become strong. Then the adventure begins here! ngeeee

Here some picture about this anime~

 The end~ hehe
 ahh! i should mention this! yeah its truth that my english is bad
 Then i apply it at my blog to improve it..hehe Practice for muet YaYY!