Saturday, 16 July 2011

Right now im watching Busou Renkin^^

I found that this story are interesting.

Its about mutou who are killed by a monster in order to save a girl, tokiko at old factory near his school dome. Then tokiko bring him back to life because he dont deserved to die on her behalf. On the next day, mutou thought thats was his dream. Later on tokiko told her the truth n wanted him to live as his old life. But Mutou refuse as he want to help Tokiko.  By using kakugane medallion in his chest, serving as a replacement heart, he creates  his own Buso Renkin, taking the form of a giant lance, later named 'Sunlight Heart' in order to fight along Tokiko. Ahh busou renkin means arms alchemy^^ People should watch this anime^^ hehe

here some picture

I will introduced some of the character^^

Kazuki Mutou,16-year-old boy who attends Ginsei Private Academy.

Tsumura Tokiko,  17-year-old alchemy warrior that was assigned to take care of a homunculus problem in Kazuki's town Ginsei City. Kakkoi huh!

hehe here come hentai boy~  actually i quite pity with his life story. Koushaku Chono, better known as Papillon in the series, is a 19 years-old genius student from Kazuki's school and was meant to be heir to the Chono family fortune. However, he is also deathly ill and has had to repeat several years of school due to the amount of time he has needed to spend in the hospital, and was disinherited by his strict-ideal father.

Others characters,
Mutou younger sister, Mahiro Mutou and his friends
Actually I really love this anime ending song, Hoshiakari.
wanna share the lyrics hehe

Nee   akenai yoru nado nai to omoeta no wa
Itsu datte anata ga   soko ni iru kara

“Doko ni mo ikanaide ne.”   Tsuyoku omou keredo
Atashi wa anata e to   nani o shite agereta darou

Nagareboshi hitotsu mitsuketara   negai kanau ka na
Ienakatta kotoba o   todokete kureru no ka na

“Arigatou.”   Kokoro kara tsutaetai   kono uta o
Ima da kara kizuketa omoi ga   koko ni aru kara
Yorikakaru sono kata mo   karamaseta sono yubi mo
Bukiyou na atashi no ashimoto   terashita   hoshiakari

Nee   anata e atashi no koe wa kikoemasu ka?
Sono kokoro no oku e   todoitemasu ka?

Nagareboshi hitotsu mitsuketa yo   onaji sora no shita
Sono egao no shigusa o   mamorinukemasu you ni   zutto…

Harewataru aozora ja   mabushikute   miotoshita   hoshiakari
Itoshiku omou hodo   umaku ienai kedo
“Arigatou.”   Kokoro kara tsutaetai   kono uta o
Ima da kara kizuketa omoi wa   zutto wasurenai yo


Hey, I was able to think there’s no night or such that won’t end
Because you are there at anytime

“Please don’t go anywhere.” I strongly wished
But what could I do for you?

If I found one shooting star, then would my wish be fulfilled?
Would it deliver the words that I couldn’t say?

“Thank you.” I want to send this song from my heart to you
Because it’s now, because the feelings that I’ve realized are here
The starlight illuminated your shoulder that I leaned on
Your fingers that I intertwined with, and my awkward feet

Hey, can you hear my voice for you?
Does it reach the depths of your heart?

I found one shooting star, underneath the same sky
I wish I can protect the gesture of your smile to the end, forever…

The dazzling starlight looked down from the clear, blue sky
I can’t say it as well as I think dearly of it
But “Thank you.” I want to send this song from my heart to you
Because it’s now, I won’t ever forget the feelings I’ve realized..

Jiwang huh?! haha i really want to tell someone about what i feel.. but nevermind he will not listen to me and i dont have a courage to tell him.. Eventhought i had changed a lot for him
smile smile..
smile again arigato..
smile again naki nagara

Monday, 11 July 2011

currently watching pocoyo^^

kawaii nee! hehe yarr i agree  kinda looks childish.

Demo ne we should be who u r^^

I like anime and no exception for cartoons. hehe then i can also improve my english by learning from the basic haha. I dont do this when i was younger.. nande? because im prefer anime more at that time. Ne ne pocoyo kawai desune! here some picture^^
Pocoyo is a four year old  charmer who has gathered a crew of friends to explore his world and to let us enjoy it and have a fun learning ^^ hehe
His friend, Pato the duck.
Ellie the elephant.

Loula his dog.

and Sleeping Bird.

In this cartoon we can learn about telephone, how to skipping, shadow, race ,hipcup n many more in kawaii method learning>.< Try watching it hope u will enjoy~ ah i should mention that every episode only have 7minutes. hehe ok jaa jaa