Thursday, 20 October 2011

Must watch!!!

Latest anime update!!

Recently i focus to download all the new anime and quickly watch it^^
i scared that i will not have time to watch it later when my semester break end.

Here i introduce some anime that i had choice to watch it^^

Firstly, KIMI TO BOKU!

This anime are about the freindship and different personality of four young boy. This boys had be friends since early childhood. Tsukara Kaname who looks like a leader in the group and he also a head class. He was in the same class with Asaba yuki the younger twin. His brother twins name is Asaba Yuta. They was really alike and does not show their personality too much. hmm but in the anime it show that Yuki kun is perfect at anything he do^^

 kyaa fall in love with him!! He realy love manga! and lastly Matsuoka Shun. He kinda looks like a girl and his personality are yasashi and sweet. Then at the second and third episode it added to more new character.
Enjoy watching such a calm and funny anime^^

 with means future dairy. An action, mystery and triller anime.Its about Yuki kun who always reject to be friend with others and prefer to be alone. To avoid his loneliness he write a dairy through his handphone and create an imagination friends. He always write about what happen around him. One day his imaginary friend ask him to play a survival game with others ten contestants. He tought it was just a dream, unfortunately it was real. hehe interesting huh?!
This anime is about kurata, a japanese card game. Chihaya chan always admire her sister as a top model. She say that her dream is to watch her sister success. Then he meet Arata kun, a transfer student who does not speak much in class. One day, she stop her classmate for bullied Arata kun. Then her bestfriend, Taichi kun say that if she gonna be friend with Arata, they will ignore her. I dont want to spoil but then those three become friend and join kurata club.*a bit spoil here lalala*

Ok continue..
 Chihaya chan learn to seek her own dream. Later after they graduate, those three split by going different school. I cry in the episode 3 of this story. wu wu.. why?! try watch it^^ hehe


This anime about a girl name Potte. She had lost her father. Then one day she set her mind to follow her father hobbies thats it taking a picture. This anime is again about freindship eto slice of life..^^

A comedy , school and martial arts anime.hehe i cant descirbe it=.= in the beginning of the story they are fighting between class 2F and 2S. Hmm i just know that most of the girl character in this anime like Yamato kun, the main character.

If you had watch Fate stay night, then you must watch this anime! It is about what happen before the anime of fate stay night. We can see Saber and her old master and Gilgamesh!! ahh from this, i know that sakura and Tohsaka Rin are sibling!

err Addiction well dont forget to watch KAMEN RIDER FOURZE!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Gitar oh Gitar

hora.. kakkoi desune?!
sejak akhir2 nie asyik berkepit ngan gitar je! sumer berpunca dri Tom Felton!
lepas tjumpa vedio dier men gitar ttba trus cair ngan gitar

suteki!! kyaaa suteki!!!
yg tragis nye=.=

lngsung xpham kod=.=
hafal step je.. Tp law nk sedap kan hati kn cam dlm anime k-on, Yui chan

dier pon ssh gak nk men gitar tp skali dier men giler outstanding! so ibaratkn la dri sdri cam Yui *xkesah org nk kte aper yui, yui jgk!* huhu

Setakat nie da bole la jgk men beberapa lagu! paling teruja men lagu naruto ngan samurai x nye instrumental^^  jari jgn tnye la kompom da luka tp luka itu macho heh^^

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Runway Beat

The best movie ever for me hehe
at first when i saw setomaru wearing a costume with a skirt, feel kinda weird. yeah i agree it is so stylish but it same as Greek traditional costume.
lets see..
kinda same huh?! hehe
but put it aside.
ok about this story.. It is about a young men who are name Beat kun. He was transfer to tokyo in order to meet his childhood friend, Kirara chan who are sick. Then at the new school, he notice that his classmate want to make an event about a fashion show as they had a model in that class. All the sketch about the fashion are rejected by Miki chan, who is the model. She say that they all does not have any sense of fashion.
The classmate also had bullie Wanda kun as he really looks like an otaku in the class.
By looking at all the situation Beat kun made a decision to help the class with the school event about the fashion. First, he change Wanda kun into a good looking men, who are very stylish. The whole class surprice with him kakkoi style. Then they all put a believe in Beat kun in order to make the event sucsess! Starting from this, we can see a lot of moral values such as friendship, courage, talent, never give up and many more^^ i really enjoy what those student had done especially on the day of the event! It is really extravaganza!
Here i introduce some of their cast!

Seto Koji , Setomaru Kun!!!

Before change..

Here the Kakkoi men!!

ahh i had to mention this one of the cast is Kaji Masaki!!! I know him from Tenimyu as Momoshiro kun. In this story we can see he had become chubby !! huhu

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Natsume yuujinchou san!!

weeee just finish with the download of nastsume yuujinchou season 3^^
and of course i had watch it!!

For the 3rd season it is all about Natsume`s background. How he transfer to all his relative`s house because they dont want to adopt him anymore, what the reason?  how his relationship with Tanuma who have the ability to watch a ghost`s shadow? and the most important thing what does a ghost feel about natsume kun!
Interesting huh! hmm actually i also able to see them but just slightly. eto maybe just like what Tanuma kun can see it. hehe rarely i can see their face. Be able to see them does not bother me. Different for Natsume who will be treat as a weird person when he say he saw a ghost. hmm mybe different country will treat this ability differently. i had watch this anime when it start shown at crunchyrol when i was at high school. Since then i always follow this anime^^ my friends told me that the season 4 will be coming out next year on January! kyaaaaa so excited!!!
ok thats all for today. ahh here some picture i wanna share it^^ snap from gomplayer hehe

for the last picture was in at the last episode when they play a game that people have to step foot in the shadow of other people. i mean ghost hehe! only natsume kun is human in this game. hehe