Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My comics^^

When I in sem 4 I try to participate with drawing comics competitions.
Then I also draw for my friends so that they can participate too^^
Amazingly, my drawing get number 2! and for all my friends aka my drawing (huhu), they get saguhati gift.
Wahh is it means that i had the talent?!!
hehe I like drawing even when I in kindergarten school I wanna be someone who can draw manga^^
wanna look at my comics?!
here.. ahh i just had a few of them.. cox i forgot to take others from my friends..

and the latest of my comics^^ I try to drawing about ninja life^^

Thursday, 2 February 2012

SP Kaibutsu kun Kanzen Shinsaku!!

YAYYY finish watching it!!
Oh Chan kawaiii!! This SP happen after a few month Prince Kaibutsu Taro and nakama tachi return to Monster land.. Then he being prepared for his ascension to his father's throne but the problem, he`s not serious about it.

See! *ahh plez dont get the wrong idea. Im not watching it with this Spanish sub. I had their english softsub*

Then because of that Kaibutsu kun fought with his nakama, Dracula, Wolfman and Fraken.
Iro iro things happen then.. *dont want to tell hoho go watch it yourself~* huhu

Kaibutsu kun always told me how wonderful friends is..
but i keep wondering if i am a good friend?
Actually what happen in this story happen in my real life right now.. Mybe not that worst or worst kanna??
Wakarimasen.. i dont know how to react with this situation.. The best decision i made is that be invisible,,
It is good when im not around..

Ahh ignore that.. The best scene that I really2 laugh like crazy!  Yayy  Minna go watch it!! You can have a nice funny day to enjoy