Monday, 19 March 2012

Nintama Rantaro!

Can u believe it, i found Ninja boy mp3 song in malay!!!

haha quite childish song but interesting^^

wanna know the lyrics?

Rantaro Kirimaru dan Shinbei
3 org sahabat
Belajar di P`guruan ninjutsu

Cita-citanya sunggoh tggi sekali
Apa pon yang hajati
Walaupun pernuh bermacam rintangan
Tak gentar dalam hatinya

Engkaulah yang diharapkannya
Kini semua terpisah
Kepada Jepun yang gagah berani

Hey Hey Hey

Ninja boy!  3 kawan kita
Ninja boy!  Pahlawan kita

Dia m`basmi k`jahatan
Di muka dunia

Hey Hey Hey

Ninja boy!  3 kawan kita
Ninja boy!   Pahalawan kita

Dia m`bela kebenaran
Dan mudah perkasa

Somehow i remember someone..
That someone ask me if i had nintama rantaro live action
because i had post it on facebook.
I say no but if i have it i will give to that person...

But... Its to late now...

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Naruto Shippuden

Ima I watching Naruto Shipudden..
maa I noe im kinda late..
Actually I want to save naruto and watch it when this anime are finish.
But people around me keep talking about naruto
Then I watch it because I want to noe why they cry they eyes out when they watch naruto!!
n right now I watch episode 72..
Mada mada dane=.=
This friday naruto eps 253 ahh too many to follow!

Demo i will never give up!!
Ohh Yeahh!!

p/s- Naruto kakkoii!! Fall in love with Sai^^  Naze Neji part are not much.. 

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pre Graduate Dinner

5 march all part 6 students at UiTM Kuala Pilah had pre graduate dinner.. ahh actually not all.
Just for the person who pay rm15.  Then 7 of us join the dinner just for fun n get luxury food!!
Aha thats the smile that i want all of us to had^^

Then something keep bothering me.. Before this.. I had chat with my very very taisetsuna tomodachi
*dont want to mention*
 that I will go for dinner for the last sem..
 Then I ask "Ehem" to join me..
but now..
Muri dayo..
Eventhough I know the facts.. but i keep searching all around the place..
Baka dane..

Then.. when i look at all the picture my friends n me capture.. ahh im change..

Hora mitte..

Sem 1

yakkkkkk hazukashii!!!!!!

sem 6
Hmm its all about the appearance..
Inside im still the same^^
yappari u r my isshou no tomodachi..