Monday, 30 April 2012

Hope Zizan Angsa ganas will get well soon!

hehe tringat zaman2 24jam ckp sal zizan kat skola dulu!
kawan2 time tue pon taw budak nie angau giler ngan zizan!
Ingat kan bler da besar minat tue jdi biasa tp makin minat! hoho
Dgar kte zizan sakit then perhatikn super spontan btol2..
Ahh dier byk kali batuk!!
Ano ne..
Hayaku genki ni natte kudasai!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Kamen rider Fourze cosmic state

Cho suteki!!

Change body..

Natsuiro Kiseki
In episode 4 they experiences kiseki able to change body.
Sugoku ii nee!!
I also really want to change body with someone..
If it for one day
I really really satisfied!!

Super Spontan

Wahh yappari boku ne
dai dai dai fan funny show!
I watching it, download it, repeat it, comment at fan page!
haha kipas susah mati super spontan suda!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ojamajo Doremi

Finally I finish download and watching it!
kinda late huh
Maa I dont care~
The reason I download it because when im in form 2,
 I remember I bought Hadzuki keychain!
And I adored it so much!
N now I found the link download!! Yatta!!!
Im enjoy with the story!

 My ichiban character is
Pretty witchi Aiko chi!
I just like her appearance, behavior n osaka dialect

p/s-ahh I dont satisfied with the ending... I need season 2.. where can I get the link!!


Stop look at a person too deeply
Because it will result two things
You Love them even more
You will irritated with their behavior

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

When I feel my friend did not need me anymore..

I dont want to make anyone feel bad
Let me keep it on myself
Then I watch all funny video!
 Arashi,Super spontan, karook komedia, maharaja lawak, raja lawak
Then I chat with other friends n try to make them happy
so that I can feel the joy^^
and I can talk to anyone happily like it never happen!
For me friendship important..
once friend until die you my friend

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Yuki yuki Yuki Yuta Yuta Yuki!

Kyaaa Futago kawaii!!!
Kitta!!! I been waiting the episode about this two!
When futago fight ahh its kinda make it wahh kawaii!!!
I hope i have twin too.. But yapari muri dane!
Yuta kun more mature than Yuki kun
but yuki kun are protective!
They complete each other!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kagi no Kakatta Heya

Ano ne I just finish watching it!
Know what I fall for ohno san much much more!!!
The first part he showed up
Ahh in this story Enomoto Kei is a person
who really obsess with key!
He only help if the case involved with locked room,
because no matter what he want to open it!
In order to find the culprit
Nahhh he not interested with it^^
Kakkoi daro?!

Friday, 20 April 2012

One statement.. can make me cry tonight..

"Andainya aku hilang di matamu, ingatku dalam doamu"

Ne Ne zutto zutto yo..
I always pray so that..
kau di tempatkn di kalangan orang2 beriman..

I donno this sentence for who..
but when I read it..
I cry..

I do this to you..

Just my opinion..

Waaa can Naruto stop with the flashback!!
Im being waiting excitedly about the war!

Tanoshimini desu!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I got one cat which i name it mulut bising

Actually it is not my actual cat!
I just always feed her whenever she ask for food
sometimes when I dont have any food to give
I pat her head and said sorry today I dont have any food..
And today I learn she got a baby!!
My neighbour want to take them
but Mulut bising seems dont want to give
She bite her child at the neck in order to take them run
Then I go there and take the baby from her mouth
she give it to me!!
Happy mode!

p/s- her name mulut bising because she like to meowing even when she ate sumthing! hehe

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kimi to Boku episode 3

huhu actually I dont want to describe this episode
I just want to mention one thing I learn from Azuma sensei hehe
He say
I`ve still never truly felt that I`ve bacome an adult
But im no longer a child

waaaaa truly agree!!!!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Finally the last episode of Miraii Nikki!

Its was a wonderful ending for all the character except for Yuki n yuno from the world before the third.
I really like the life of Uryuu Minene !
she got 2 children!
At last it was happy ending!
For yuki kun.. actually i dont really understand what happen..
I just know that he become a god for 2nd world..
but how at the end yuno came?!
then next project starting?!

Kimi to Boku Jmovie

What a nice story to watch^^
Its really nice how  he treat  Gin`ougo
Just spend the whole life together.. without any word..
you will understand each other
ii naa...
 I really like the part when the doctor when to make Gin`ougo sleep forever..
then he say kaeru..
wah!! I cry at this part!!

I really do understand this story as I also has a cats.
ne ne my cats like to sit besides me whenever I watch movie
I hope one day we can talk.. even in dream..
Introducing my neko chan!
Omei kun

Abby chan

Baby chan

Friday, 13 April 2012

My new obsession!

I notice this scene!
Wak Selak invited Zizan to dance
but he got rejected!

Raja Lawak 6

Stelah skian lmer rncangan nie tamat
Bru abis tgk!!
Dulu ader tgk tp x puas yela stakat tgk stiap kali blk umah
klo xblk xtgk
nk knal sper yg lawak pon xtaw sper kn
Then sgt PUAS HATI dgn raja lawak 6!
Dgn wujud nye chip kecik n chip besar persembahan dorg bertambah terbaek!!
Yg ne jdi plihan hati musim nie?
My ichiban kump Selak!!

Sbb sbaya ke? x la!
Sbb sgt puas ati ngan minggu first dorg
Pdangan pertama pda dorg da elok! hehe
Idea2 lawak dorg best!
Lps tue lawak dorg ntok minggu strusnye bole dterima akal.
Tp syg tsingkir minggu 8.. TT.TT
At least my niiban jdi juara!! Shiro!!
Tahniah Shiro!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Natsuiro Kiseki

Wahh this anime genre is slice of life!!
My ichiban genre for anime!!!
For the first episode it show us Kiseki!!
ahh just like the title!
I really satisfied to watch anime that focus on the important of tomodachi!
Maa even Im not that perfect to be a good friend for anyone
I hope one day i can be one^^

Kaimono with my SSS!

Yayy enjoying date with my SSS! (sahabat sejati selamanya)
We spent the whole day walking around the new aeon jusco in Ipoh!
We talk about many thing
help her shopping for her dinner college
try her dress but yappari it looks ugly on my body
because im OCHIBI!!

Then we remember the scene in honey n clover

when Hagu chan cry because the yukata was too long for her to wear!
Then someone want to comfort her by telling her dont worry
someday you will be tall to!
That word make her cry even more harder!
Then both of us laugh!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chizuru Chan Mecha Mecha Kakkoi!!!!

Did anyone notice Chizuru Chan be a main char for the 2nd season!
I just watching the second episode
know what
the way he treat his love
so sweet!!!
Why Mary chan didnt notice it!!
Shun chan just be kind to all people
there are no meaning why he treat Mary chan so yasashi!
she should realized Chizuru chan feeling soon
Then they will become cute couple^w^
Hora hora!!
He cry looking at Mary..
when she leave him for Shun kun..
im melting...

Monday, 9 April 2012

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Looking forward this anime^^
It is about detective club,
which their president is a ghost!
The main char here had sixth sense
Sugoii daro ne!
I wonder is they solve haunted case??
Hmm we`ll see

Kuroko no Baske

Omoishiroii!! This anime Awesome!!
 The stronger character in this anime was just a shadow!
But the way Kuroko kun play basket was really interesting!
The way he pass the ball make my eye only focus for him!
The word his say the stronger the player, the darker the shadow..

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Friday, 6 April 2012


New anime!!
Just finish its episode 1.
woww I really impressed!!
For the first time I watch anime which the hero love to date with zombie!
Naa suteki dayo!
Furuya kun!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Finishing Black Blood Brothers

Seriously I dont expect the story would be interesting!
I really love to watch Jiro fighting for his ototo Kotaro kun^^
At first I really curious about their relationship.
But ii yo.. you will know later in the end of the story..
The fate of jiro life..

Recorder to Randsell Re

Hayaii na!! Here come recorder to randsell season 2!!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Selamat hari lahir

I dont have any courage to told you directly even though you are not here anymore..
Al fatihah the word that I always say everytime I remember you..
 I mean every day when I pray..
I know I should not talk about you anymore..
but I always remember you.. its hard to forget you..
you are special to me..

Selamat hari lahir smoga kau di tempatkn di kalangan org2 yg beriman..
Al fatihah..

Yatta!!!! Kimi to Boku season 2!!!!!

yayyy lets enjoy it!!! Yuki kun!! yayy
ahh I already watch their first eps^^ noe what!
I tought Chizuru chan was kawaii boy demo nee he also handsome when he change his hair style after taking bath!!
horaa mitte

ahh I already finish chihayafuru^^

ahh I need season 2!! It is not ending yet!!
I dont satisfied with the ending !!
 Haryaku next season!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Berakhir nye Diploma BM111 UiTM Kuala Pilah

Byk kenangan manis n pahit kat sni.. Rsenye sumer bnda yg nk buat kat sna da buat..
wlopon nmpk x aktiv pda sumer org yg xdkenali, but dun wory kmi stu geng bgga jdi member BMA
 Sbb tue km bjaya btahan dok ostel sampai sem 6! byk aktiviti ktorg msok n ktorg menang kn ntok BMA xluper jgk SM1


Nasyid, pertandingan mlukis kartun n karang esei, pentomen, walkaton, sukaneka Sm 1 dll.
bnda xptot pon ktorg buat


smbut ri jadi kat atas bumbung n blakang batu besar, men basikal, pesta buah, enjoy hamper, lawat burung unta, men gitar, gie jeram, mndi ulu bendul, jogging, masak maggi, bihun n onigiri, study kat surau smpai subuh dll

xluper jgk bnda yg x djgka..
masok hospital 2-3 pagi time sem 4 ngan sem 6.. gie klinik tue normal~

hmm byk pglman da bjaya cipta kat sna.. yg pling latest lps abis test ktorg men mercun smpai pak guard dtg! hehe

sblom blk.. ktorg jalan sluruh uitm n xluper jgk kt tgalkn impian n harapan kat salah stu pokok kat uitm..

Sumer xkn tjadi klo x de kwn yg turut mbantu n menamani sgla keseronokkan dan kesedihan..
Terima kasih.. maaf klo kwujudan ku dsamping korang ada mbuat kebosanan n ktdk puasan hati..
Dri ku gembira bkwn ngan korang..
Klo de tkdir kt sumer bjmpa smula insyaallah

Terima kasih semua..