Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kuro Neko

Ne ne I wanna share a story!
This night I take all my cat to their cage like always.
Then one of outside cat that I called Mulut Bising came meowing.
I secretly take some food from the kicthen for her.
Then i saw a kuro neko infront my neighbour house,,,
I called it in order to give it some of the food.
But suddenly the kuro neko sit in front me with his yellow eyes!
But at that time I dont really care..
I just give it the food and pat his back.
I thought that cat was another kuro neko.
Then I look back to the other kuro neko,
but it was not there...
Eto nani kore??

My conclusion - mybe there was two kuro neko one came to me, another one jump in the drain

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Kimi ni Todoke

Yes at last I watch it again
as I skip the episode when I at sem 3!
Fuh the story so wonderful and it play with ur heart!
mine always doki doki!
I really when they to be together
but misunderstanding always happen between them!
And lastly they are couple!!! Yatta!!!
I really love to watch Kazehaya face!

But my ichiban in this story is Chizu chan!!!
She boyish n suteki in many ways!
I hope I can be like her!

Ah the way Ryu confess to her..
Not romantic at all!!!
so slumber!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Just one night, I finish Mitsudomoe season 1 & 2!

This anime maji de omoishiroii!!
I laugh a lot!
eventhough it had a little hentai.. haha
I wonder why they name the hamster chikubi!
when they talked about chikubi, it kinda weird!

For this anime My ichiban is Hitoha!
I know she the most weird than others char,
but thats make she the best!
I really love when she sit under Yabe sensei desk!
Yabe sensei is the most interesting sensei that I ever know!!

well~ you know I dont have laptop now.. But that does not mean I should quit watching all my precious anime!

My comics^^

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Sai and Shin

yeahh its about Sai!!
At last I know what happen between Sai n Shin
They so close n the most important thing Sai didnt kill Shin!!
Shin can saw Sai complete drawing..
wahh nice episode!
With this episode we know how to deal with orochimaru jutsu!
Using emotion ka.. complex huh!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wahh chizuru chan kohuhaku!

Maji de!!
I can believe it!!
 He say it so casually!!!

The important things!
Yuki kun know chizuru chan true feeling!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Akazukin Chacha

Finishing Chacha!
Never ending story ka..
ma ii kaa
I satisfied with this anime!
If it had ending I bet the story will not become happy ending!
Dakkara let it ending like this!
Riiya kun kawaii!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

To my future self.. 10 years in future!

At first actually I wanna to write it, but I wonder the letter can be kept until 10 years later?
Then I make it here and save the link! huhu technology huh!

For the future me..
I hope you are not the same as me right now.. make a brand new me!
-not an incredible shy person!
-can walk alone
-can stay at the place with a lot of people
-much more thin
I hope I enjoying my job at that time!
Still had ippai neko chan! I wonder if I join sukarela for cat society or I had other animal like bat, guinea pig, etc..
Hope on that time , I am rich!
huhu how much harddics that i had huh!
The most important thing!
Please.. In 10 years later I  am glad to be me!

Right now.. I hope I can change myself..
I dont want to be weak forever!!

p/s-actually im changed! from me at spm level to me at dploma level.. demo ne right now I just    change my appearance. Its not balance...

Friday, 4 May 2012

YaayYY Naruto Shippuden 261!!

At last no flash back!!!
Im so excited!! kuuu!!!
wahhh Gaara kun become fine otoko!!!
His speech really wonderful and can lead to peace world!!
Go Go Gaara kun!!!
Go Go Shinobi!!

24 Jikan Terebi - Ohno Task

I just watching it!! and I glad that im fan of ohno san! Yayy!!
Gou chan ii na he can meet his favourite ohno san!
Anyway Gou chan kawaii!!
Look at his drawing!
I believe ha can be much more better in future!
even this drawing is also good!!
I regret I dont get art course..