Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My amazing assignment Ponyo!

Know what, one of my subject this sem,
I had to present a movie!
We draw for the movie
And amazingly I got Ponyo!!!
kaaa yokatta!!

Today I done the slide with a lot of gif!
waaa proud with my own slide!!!

And because of that I fall in love deeply with this anime!!!
Ahh about their songs
I really love both english n nihon version!

In english version I always repeat
"when I dancing with her
My heart feels a differents"
"oh he's my favourite little boy"

In nihon version I love this part
"Peta peta, pyon pyon"
"anoka ga daisuki"

eh wait dont think wrongly!
Ima I dont have anyone special.
maa ii kara! 

wahh I hope I can present perfectly about this anime later!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

ahhh I just realized that Kuruko no Basket was end!

Ahhhh NOOOO!!!!
I want to watch more Kuroko improvment!!
Kora season 2 hayaku!!

heeeee Kuroko su-te-ki!

Binbougami ga!

At last I found the last 2 episode
success finishing it!

The story is about Ichiko who had possessing an extraordinary amount of fortune energy 
that will causing the inbalancing of the world.
So god of misfortune, Momiji comes to the world in order to steal her fortune.
This anime are really omoishiroii to watch!
Their attitude mecha mecha crazy!

Most important things a lot of other anime included in this anime!
Such as dragon ball,death note, doraemon, spirited away
and many more
*I dont remember what else*

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Area no Kishi

Haha I forget to update about this anime Haha
An amazing sports anime to be watched!
But I wonder why they dont want Kakeru to play footbal as his brother?
Thats a gift that we should appreciated!
Yeah it is true that we shoud play as ourselves
but sometimes.. err..
maybe it easy to say than do it.

Enjoying this anime^^

Monday, 8 October 2012


At End..
hmm? maa ii kara^^
I enjoying every 3 minutes watching this anime!

Ehhhhhh?! Is it hyouka also ending?!

Ehhh today I just realized that hyouka download link say complete series.
I love this story as it makes me think a lot of think

but the last episode!!
Im not enough genius to accept that as the ending!
err so is that Houtaro kun likes Chitanda chan?
Ah for the last word!
I really really likes Satoshi kun!!!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Arcana Famiglia

End! End!

Yeahh I enjoyed this anime a lot!
The ending make the stories much more interesting!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Tari Tari

oh yeah!
Finishing this anime!
n know what!
I love their ending!
but for the very last minute..
Is it gonna be season 2?!

maa ii kara..
Ahh this anime about youth huh!
Tari tari make me learn that we can do what we want
if we had the courage n believes that we can do it!
Sugoii na Sawa chan she want to study abroad in other to achieved her dreams!
For me muri!!!
naze nara
Even I study at Segamat somewhere inside Malaysia,
but I always homesick!!
waaaaaaaaaaaaa I want to stay Ipoh forever n ever!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imoto ga Iru!

Oh yeah!
This anime about Shougo kun who came to Miryuiin Academy 
where may young girls attend as his father will.
He also know that his unknown imoto also at there!
Then he want to search for her!
Ahh Ahh lucky him to have a lot of girl friends there.

Oh! I remember one word from this anime
where for me its wonderful
"lets become much more closer than a lover,
but as a sibling"

Nice statement!

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

hehe also finishing this anime!

Actually I dont really understand about this anime..
I just know that koichoco is about food research club will be eliminated
because they does not do any merit to school.
Then they choose Oijima (one of the club members) to be the election opposing candidates for president in order to protect their club.
Then iro iro things happen..
and lastly happy ending yeah!

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

I also already finished watching this anime! 
It is about Hazuki Kun who fall in love with the owner of flower shop, Rokka chan.
Rokka chan is a widow who lost her husband 3 years ago.
When he try to be closed to her,
he realized that he able to see Rokka chan died husband's Shimao kun float around her.
At first it kinda sweet but later Shimao kun irritates me!
haha well a died person should act like died person!
but thats me the story omoishiroii!
For the ending it so so sweet that when Rokka chan died,
Hazuki shortly follow her.
Demo ne!
Why it didnt show any picture of them become older??
The anime only showed how happy there are..
I want to know in detailed about the ending!! wahhh!!

Kokoro Connect

Finishing kokoro connect
Actually when I watched this anime
I dont really will recognized it as one of my favourite anime.
Demo ne
I learned something from this anime
"dont worry about what people will think about ur attitude,
but believes your family and friends always 
accept you the way u are" ^^
Eventhought I say like this,
It hard for me to believes it..
Negative thinking kaa.. hmm
 Ah! This anime will appear in my anime list book
as one of anime that had I finished it

Eh! not only this anime,
but also all anime that i had finished it.