Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fairy tail

What do you mean by lets meet again?!!
Are you nuts?!!
Fairy tail should not be end!!
Not now!!!
Seriously not now!!!

Friday, 29 March 2013

Tamako Market

Finishing Tamako Market
Omoishiroii ne^^
Its so enjoying to live that kind of district
So many friendly person
Every day is festival day
Yappari Tama chan and Dera chan cho kawaii

Kotoura San

Yeah finishing Kotoura san!!
Really really nice anime to watch!!!
hmm... psyschic ability sugee daro ne!
At last I know Kotoura's kaa sama true feeling about her
She's actually so yasashi kaa sama
Kotoura actually so lucky to had very wonderful friends and family
She just should accept n understand his surrounding first. hehe
ahh I so frustrated with Muroto kun!
Why he just consider Mifune san as his childhood friends!


Somehow I feel samishi when this anime end
I always enjoying the feeling of curiosity when watching this anime
So thats how it actuaaly happen
I thought Ukyo was a bad person
but his my type!! haha
ahh for his split personality
ermm eto I choose both!!
because thats personality human always had actually
In his case we can see different attitude clearly
Its good rather than hide your attitue
eh what I was talked about?
Ignored me~ hoho

GJ bu

Also end^^
You know I just realized the meaning of GJ
Its means Good Job
haha Im so lame!
Put that aside.
It was an interesting anime to watch^^
I just wondering it is really had a danshi like Kyoya out there?
He so yasashi n so patient!
Ii na if he was my nii chan!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

Fninshing it!
Sakurasou was one of important and interesting anime to watch!!
Even thought it give a very very nice ending 
I still demand for more episode!!!
Know what! 
By watching this anime I can sense a beautiful of youth!
I feel excited enjoy happy sad
All in one! 

The most important things Ryounosuke SUKI DESU!!!!
If one day I had someone special
I hope his attitude is the same!
Maji kakkoi yasashi n kawaii!!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cuticle Detective Inaba

Yeah so disappointed this anime was end!!
I want to watch it more!!!
This anime always make me burst of laugh!!
Then I can looks younger but laughing right~~
I likes Kei chan because he plays the role of straight man.
The most important things he's cat lover!!!!
I still remembers the moment he was kidnapped but 2 mascot cats
His face look so pleased as he really2 going to the world of cats!
Baka dane!
Ahh I want to mention Don Valentino!
Haha I proud with it (he yagi right? so I used it) because he ate money!!
Yeahh money always taste delicious in any way we used it~

Yama no Susume

Just finishing this anime!

Actually last week,, I just realized I forgot to updated!
Hora Im so busy~ lalala
Actually this anime give a feeling likes harmony to watch 
even for just 5minutes
I can see Aoi chan personality becomes much more friendly n kawaii ~
It was nice to had friends like Hinata who always get you courage 
n some times annoying~
haha but thats make our life more enjoyable!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Talk about yourself

My bel class for this sem so scary!
My lecture want us to always speak in front of the class
Maji Kowaii!!
I know my english was bad thats why I always practices it
by using my blog
Share my thought and excited moment in english!
Ok last week my lecture wants us to introduce ourself and share whatever things with the class
either experiences of part time job or favourite or dislikes
I scared because I dont know to share about what!!!
Then I set my mind to talked about what I would to do in future
like I mention before about a store for a cats  *check my last last post* haha
Know what I realized that my classmate seems like ohhhh
Wahhh they concentrated with my talked!
At the end of the class I realized
my lecture watching me!!
Im so teru teru so I laugh!
Then he say 
"why I you laughing?"
Then I say "hehe"
Then he say
" I just impress with your thought before"

*kembang hidung*

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Platina Data

Some sources say Platina data will be out in Cinema Malaysia!!!
I really really wanted to watch any movie act by arashi members on cinema!!
Pray that it also will show out at segamat cinema!!!
Its not fair to show it only at KL
Arashians was all around Malaysia!
Dont be specific!!!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Sup Sayur Tenten

Yeah I know I know
Its just a soup!
But I cook it!!
An amateur cook it!!
Haha I just been proud with myself
I can survived even I was alone^^ 

I thought I gonna be ok..

Me so Baka!!!
I hope one day someone will say to me
They glad I was born....
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I gonna cry!!!!!

Maggi Goreng Tenten

Looks very plain huh?!
II yo~ I dont care~ haha
Yes I am the person who always get excited about a small little things~
But seriously this maggi goreng tenten is Maximum Umai!!

Dear Friends..

If friends say so boring when we been alone
I dont blame anyone
Maybe it was true!
Dont blame others
When you point one finger to others
four more fingers will point back to you
 Thats why I rather keep my problem
Aha I realized I become more secretive person!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Interesting part in my life^^

Hehe Ima wa I had one friends that recently because closed to me
Know what!
 I realized we had a lot of time been together without we realized about it.
When I was in diploma Sem 3 I join camping for my subject
She also there!!!
At my pre graduated dinner, her group sat near my group!!!
I had one picture she standing behind me! 
cool right!
We also have some class we are together before
Actually god plan us to become friends from the beginning without we realized it
Allah SWT Maha berkuasa & mengetahui^^
Life is interesting when you keep moving forward
believed me!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

New Sem

Yabai yo..
My new sem..
Yappari zenzen=.=
Kowaii yo I dont want to leave my house, my family, neko chan n all of it!
But I hope this sem will gonna be ii memory!