Friday, 31 May 2013

Tonight music station Saiko!

As Arashi fan
maji de I found them
mecha mecha kakkoi!!
Hora when I saw Oh chan dance like this
My heart doki doki!
kawaii de suteki!
Oh chan Kakkoi!!!
I proud to be Arashi fan!
Endless game unique song

Found nice word from Sakurai sho at tumblr

I’ve stopped thinking about how other people see me.

— Sakurai Sho (anan April 24, 2013)

I would changed myself
The way I satisfied..
ii nee...

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ima wa enjoying the song

Tonight I had a feeling to enjoying a song
Japan and also English song^^
Some of the lyrics are really had deep meaning..

Arashi - Endless game 
"because it should always be there, its something that's constant
the things we've lost and the things that are being born
not everything in this world is difficult, right?
in your heart, you sighed endlessly"

Simple plan - Perfect
"cause we lost it all
and nothin' lasts forever
Im sorry I cant be perfect
now its just too late and we cant go back
Im sorry I cant be perfect "

Green day - 21 Guns
"when its time to live and let die
and you cant get another try
something inside this heart has died
you're in ruins"

Arashi - Breathless
"in my sleep, I see a figure I think I remember from somewhere 
and try to chase after them
when I wake up from my dream, I cant recall who it was
in the gaps of this falling broken time
Im just wandering aimlessly"

Daisuke - Moshimo
"if I am dreaming
Who do I say this feeling?"

Wat - Boku no kimochi
"I was standing aside and looking at you
with timid feelings, for some reason
when the fluttering snow dances in the air
for some reason, you're so loveable"

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ohmiya colors for dinner

ne ne I got a feeling to write about this teehehe
last week I having ISBA dinner
with colors block as the theme
There's a lot of colors to choice
Then I choice Ohmiya colors!!
naze nara I love this two^^
Eventhough my ichiban pairing is juntoshi!
awww sweeeeetttt!
haha ok check out me teehehehe
The chibi one=.=
Yellow and blue! YaY!
Yellow for Nino
White for pure friendship
Blue for Oh chan!

Naruto manga 632

By reading this part..
somehow I feel samishi...
Even though on this time, there was no one members from team 10
Its ok as Tenten and Lee still alive..
I know..
Neji... hes died...
sob sob 
I want him to still alive 
like everyone else..
why he died...

Monday, 27 May 2013

What happen last night...

I know something was there.. 
Outside my window
I heard a loud BUMP sound
Im very sure that was not a neko!
neither a thief!
I called my nee chan
but for her its normal...
Kowaii yo.. because if I dont saw it on that time
I able to see it in my dream...
Yappari when I sleep
I dream of it...
I saw a little girl run and laugh in front me
then I notice
She had run very fast...
Every minutes she run at different area
in front.. then behind me..
I know shes not a human....
then I saw a women sitting in the car with open door
She look at me and laugh in a scary way..
I throw something to her
but it does not effect her
then she throw it back to me with that scary laugh
I remember! I read sura Al fatihah very loudly!
Then all of them disappear.
I able to wake up from that bad dream
with dogs outside woofing!


To my beloved SSS
I know you having hard time now
I hope you able to concentrate with your studying
The most important thing, take care of yourself!
Dont worry You can do it!
I believe in you!! wit wit!
and remember I always there as your loyal supporters!!
haha jiwang suda!
Fight O SSS!!!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Itazura na kiss

As I had watch the anime then 
I must also watch the drama
Arghhh Naoki kun!!
I always mukatsuku with otoko like him!
I know he also likes kotoko 
but so egoist!!
But Kotoko chan so so kawaii 
Her guts!!
Sugoii ne!
hmm actually all onna likes that..
but for me 
I rather disappear even though I really really love someone
As I satisfied love from far away^^

Monday, 20 May 2013

A zombie days

A lot of things make me totally exhausted 
Studying and socialized..
My classmate start mentioning my kao had a big eyes bag
Well I dont really care naze nara..
wakarimasen desu!

My last post mentioning I will dissappear right
I always be there for someone who need me
If you dont want,, 
I will walked away..
It doesnt means I dont make an effort
I do but well when I give up I know 
I was a warui ningen..

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Its so so busy!

Well I did mention I wanna write about a lot of things
But Im too too busy!
A lot of assignment to be completed..
Ahh I also dont had time to downloading my soul video!
I mean ahh you know Anime Arashi Jdrama Raja lawak and all sort of things I loves.
Even its hard for me to make a call for my okaachan!
but I really glad okaachan understand me.
Lately something keep bothering me..
I dont know how to summarized it
but it make me feel bad
I dont changed!
Even last sem I did the same things!
One thing I dont had friends to talk to.
but this sem I got friends that really accept who I am
Who break the wall I created along me
ahh Wakarimasen yaw!
At last I feel that my wings does not broke compare to last sem
I totally damaged!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Koko ni Iru yo!

Oh my I love this manga!
It give me ii kanji !
Actually I always hope someone who read my blog will 
had some sort of happiness or courage!
But you know I dont write
about a good things..
Its always about what I am done 
with my life.
Majority is about anime!
hmm ok 
Ima wa I will write a lot more of thing that happen around me!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Last week I received my first buying Arashi single!

 Its kinda late to buying their single after been their fan for a long time
Actually I always downloading it because I dont had a lot of money
But for this year I dont know why
I got guts to use my money!! hoho
At first I keep wondering which LE 
I should purchased
Becaused people around me say
 so I purchased it!
but yapari I hope I buying calling! heh!
I want both!!!!
sob sob

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun

Shino kun kawaii de kakkoi!!
Ahh summer tanoshimi for season 2!!!