Sunday, 29 September 2013

Nou Otoko

Maji kayo!!!
Ikuta Toma mecha mecha Kakkoiiii desune!!!!!!!!!
demo ne Human as a machine kinda kowaii
but if it was me
I appreciate that kind of talent!
kukukukuku *laugh likes Monokuma*

Saturday, 28 September 2013


Yeah finishing this drama!!
I fall for Sota Fukushi even more!!!
First I watch him as Gen chan, Kamen rider fourze
Then he appear at VS Arashi 
Now this!!
Kyaaaa fangirling mode on!!!
Ahh it was nice story to be watch
Fall in love with alien huh!
Kinda enjoying!
Demo ne I found this drama a bit too much at the middle of it
But its ok as the final episode
was sweeettttt!!!

Teekyuu & Senyuu

Finishing this two anime
First Teekyuu
Second Senyuu
Eto nee I dont know what to say
I just enjoying this anime to kill time


Ohh so thats how the stories will end.
It was interesting but I expect more
hehe I really appreciate if the punishment time would be much much trilled
Demo ne Monokuma kun kawaii!!! >.<
Well it was a very nice anime to watch^^
Naegi kun you should survived as the world need hope

Friday, 27 September 2013

Platina Data

*whisper likes Kagura kun*
Ahhh seriously this movie cho cho Omoishiroii and exciting!!!!
My heart doki doki to know the true behind mogul, new platina data
and of course split personality of Nino san!
Kagura & Ryu
Both suteki!!!
ii nee having a split personality...
Can I had it too??
So I can run away from my life by 
be someone else...
because I dont know which personality I behave that ningen prefer...
Lets look at Nino kakkoi characters!
First genius Kagura san!
Artistic and uniqueness Ryu kun
Which personality does minna prefer?
For me, 
I choose yappari both!!!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara

Slow meaningful stories to be watch!
While watching this drama...
somehow I wanna live longer with my kazoku..
Eto demo ne...
I dont want to die after my parents had died..
Im not someone who dependent..
So I rather choose to die first
Haha I talked nonsense here!
Ohno san!
You show me your good acting performance!
I glad to be ur dai fan!
ahh I fangirling by making a lot of gif
check it out on my tumblr
Ah I wanna mention this
I really love this scene

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Lucky Seven

At last I finishing it!
I forgot to post about it teehee
Actually I watch it on Matsujun 30 Tanjoubi!
Waii waii!!
Seriously I dont really interested at first
But after keep watching it I love it!!
Only for episode 1 it kinda boring
For the next and the SP
Cho omoishiroii!!!
Love Shotaro & Nitta relationship!!

Switch Girl

I had just used all my time to complete both season 1 and 2!
Kyaaaa I fall for Kiriyama Ren even more!!!!
Maji de kakkoi!!!
Ahh for Nika chan
hmm how should I put it
eto ne if Im danshi, I dont care about that kind of girl
Kawaii daro, truthful and the most important thing she been herself at home
I also that kind of girl
A bit different my switch on personality not that awesome! kekeke
 ahh the series will continue until they both done it?