Thursday, 24 October 2013

Did anyone recognized me as their friend....

I always wonder and wonder....
People would said by reading my blog that Im really a negative person...
Somehow I could be
but when I think again
This environment that create me the way I am....
anyway yes it is true that
I had my bestfrinds from primary school
and we still contact each other..
 I had my sss 
and my bff from secondary school
we always hangout whenever we had the opportunities
I had my ichiban
and crazy beloved diploma friends
we always chatting and help each others...
my degree friends....
Sometimes I enjoying my life here...
Sometimes I feel that I dont belong here

It is was me...
My self...
 please change the way I think!
Please be strong!
Please be me.....

Saturday, 19 October 2013

My attitude

Since I was gaki I always scared on anything around me
I dont want to communicate with others, 
I dont want to go to school
I just wanna play around in the world that I already create for me
 Im not lied!
I already had created my own imaginary lifestyle.
Demo ne demo ne 
Im not totally alone
Surprising  I erm
 I can said that I always surround with nakamatachi.
The one that I can relied and called tomodachi.
But even so I always the one who scared and cried deeply when 
I had to left my beloved ie...
I will never change..
Tomorrow Im going back to segamat..
Sob Sob
I need more holidays!
I dont like those hectic life...
Im weak huh!
Time can you slow down and follow my pace..
Please make me stronger...

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My message dont worth to be replied

Nantonaku I had that feeling...


It is because my attitude
that always replaying others message late?

Well it hard to change ngeh3

Atleast I can said that I still replaying right
replaying directly without send the message

Monday, 14 October 2013

Feeling doki doki with a lot of fantastic new Anime! YAY!

Erm I dont want to downloading all of it
as I dont had much free time geee
I just choose some of it but it quite a lot hohoho
First kuroko no basket season 2!
Little Buster Refrain
Teekyuu season 3
Kyoukai no kanata
Super seisyun brothers
Nagi no asukara
Non non biyori
Lastly, Meganebu
Otaku mode on!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The memory we spent together..

Eto ne last week
My classmate and I went to Broga and Sg congkak
Lawatan sambil belajar katenye! haha
hmm How to said it..
Its not totally awesome but it is not totally bad
I just realized that I dont had friends that treasure me the way I treasured them
I always alone..
For the first time I depend on myself more
I realized that Im not that weak..
But I do admit I had a such wonderful classmate
Even so I promise that I always treasured all my degree friends^^
I would not sure that they will remember me..
As sometimes I kinda feel like I am a spirit who are with them teehee
But ii kara I had said before
Once I consider them my friends 
I will always remember all of you^^
Thanks for the memory we had together

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no majo

Ahhh I love this drama!!!
Quite interesting
Dame da=.=
Too many kissing scene
I looks totally hentai when I watch this drama
In the eyes of ningen who does not know about this jdrama
Maa ii kara as long as I know the main purpose of this story nee~~
Presenting all the majo!
ehh wait!
Miyabi chan not the majo
the last majo was Rika chan^^ 
I wish I am one of the majo
I want swamping power likes Urara chan!
But I dont want to kiss others hahaha XD

Completing Anime!

Tamayura more aggressive,
Hakkenden touhou hakken ibun season 2,
Recorder to randoseru mi,
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G