Monday, 27 January 2014

Ayashi no Ceres

I just finish watching this
waa it totally
for 18 years and above!
heh but I like the story line about an angel
to find a robe ka.. ii story!!
anyway I prefer Yuji kun to be hero hehe
He much more omoishiroii!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Harry potter quiz!

Recently I had play this quiz!
First which house I gonna enter when I go to hogwarts
jeng jeng jeng
I got gryffindor!!!
ohh actually I prefer slytherin
err be evil is the most kakkoi daro hehe
then then I try another quiz that is
which harry potter characters are me
then I got
jeng jeng jeng
Draco Malfoy!!!
yayyyyyy seriously I love this!
ahh well I answer this question based on my own attitude
so Draco also hen desu ne
kizuna kizuna hehe

Little Buster Refrain

Huhu at last I able to finish this!!
Actually I kinda bored with this anime
Kyousuke too harsh at Rin chan and Riki kun
but at the very last episode I learn the truth
maa this anime was really good
the story line is impressive!
ii nee to have a lot of tomodachi!
I agree as I also had ippai ippai tomodachi!
& I love to create more hehe

Monday, 20 January 2014

Hibi Choucho Manga

I just read this manga
At first it kinda boring
but when I keep read it
don don I wanna know how this story gonna end
They like each others
but both of them bad at talked
Sugee kawaii and kakkoi!
Suiren chan said she want to be a butterfly rather than a flower,
so she can fly to the one she likes
Nice statement...
Then, in that case I wanna be a dragonfly!
kakkoi daro! hoho
eto Im the one who dont like to be choose by otoko
I rather be the one who choose
I does not had the right to say it like that heh

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I just know that Sukitte ii nayo had live action version!!!

Kyaaaa Sota Fukushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok maji de excited !!!
Ok ok Tanoshimi this live action!!!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Two more anime to be updating

First Teekyuu Season 3!!!
haha I cant believed it 
I had watch it until season 3
Even thought it only had 5 minute story to be watched!
Thats means I love this anime huhu

Second Super seisyun brothers
Ahh I hope it would be a longer anime to be watch
Only 15 minutes to watch an interesting anime?
Yappari not enough desu!!

Updating finishing anime!

First Coppelion
haha I watch a err I can said it a serious anime
Because it is about a nature... Our world has such dangerous atmosphere!
But those three doll who claimed as ningen
Hmm I am sure there are ningen 
maybe better ningen itself hmmm
maa as long as I had wacth it
 ii kana!

Second Non non biyori
Another sweet story to be enjoy!
It make life looks so easy..
aahh ahhh I wanna live there!!!
Demo ne demo ne
I really want to hear oniichan voice!!

haha this story really looks like kamichu!
But err a little different in some of the way 
much kana?
maa maa 

ok thats all for today maybe hehe

Usagi Drop

Even though Im busy with my final examination
I also would find a precious time to watch anime!
So I choose Usagi Drop!
Waaa what a very sweet story..
Daikichi kun..
Even he not that kakkoi but he had yasashi kokoro!!
He make me want to adopt kawaii imoto or ototo!
My real ototo..
He so mature than me..
Anyway Rin chan maji kawaii!!!