Friday, 21 February 2014

Shingeki no Kyojin

 Ahhh I watch this anime a bit late!!!
I always wanted to watch it sooner but but I got no time to focus on it
Ima wa I able to watch it!!
I fall for Levi!!
Even it was hard to see him=.=
Levi you should come out much more on screen!
Let me see ur kakkoiness
I start fall for him when he used kakkoi word to his nakama who nearly die
Then after that friend die he want to know
either that nakama heard his kakkoi word
Baka dane!!
But suki dayo!!!!

Aozora no Tamago

huhu about this drama
There a lot of fan services to be watch!!
Feeling excited!!
My heart always doki doki when watching this drama!
The reason I watch this drama because kamen rider decade (refer to Sakaki) was there!!!
Demo sa!
I fall for his friend Tori kun
Nade kana?
Because he his hikikomori!
like me~

Ookami san

Im really love this anime!!!
I hope I watch it sooner!!!
Ryoshii kun yappari mecha mecha kakkoi!!!!
Even his weak when people staring at him
thats make him special! hoho
Ookami san also kawaii!!
I also able to recognize her kawaiiness!!

Ookami Kakushi

Finishing this anime
It was exciting anime to be watch!
A lot of secret need to be revealed!
maa I like the ending
Its worth to be watch!