Sunday, 30 March 2014

Dorami chan Mini dora

Spend my weekend with Doraemon!
Before this I want to download this 
but the link was dead
Yesterday I glad I meet my otaku friends 
and able to had this anime!
Nobita kun when his become fathers was mecha mecha kakkoi!!!
Shizuka chan must be glad to had kakkoi husband!

Lost Time Life

Just finish watching this drama
Every time someone had died
My heart totally want me to be alive
ahh Im still alive~
maa even though I dont want to had a very very long life
but to be alive
yokata ne...

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Like I said before to be able to see ghost 
is kakkoi!!!!
So this kind of anime totally should be enjoyed!!
Eto Yakumo kun had red colors of his eyes 
maa I dont know why it should be scared
for me it awesome!
In my childhood days 
one of my friends once said that my brown eyes actually was dark red
Thats make me excited!
hhaha ok 
Sore je

Monday, 17 March 2014

Today oreno tanjoubi

So when I goggling
It shows a cake picture of my birthday!!

Its make my heart doki2
I thought Im in love with Google kun

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Little DJ

After watching Kazoku game 
I noticing this young boy
Ryounosuke Kamiki as Takano Tarou
Actually I had  download a lot of his drama and movie
I followed his acting
without I realized it
Eto I just love his characters in this movie
He confess to his love one even though he know 
that his life will going to over soon
maa I appreciate his action!!
I hope I know "his" feeling towards me
Its ok if he dont like me
so I can move forward
but to not knowing his feeling make me always wondering
err I should said that he dont actually hate me but he also dont like me
demo ne demo ne
until know I still like him...
I wait for nothing right 
but ii kara its my choice...

Kasuka no Kanojo

It was very fun drama to be watch
I laugh I cried
Demo nee the apearances of Kamiyama sensei give ne the feeling of Yudai Tago sensei from kazoku game
but in different version
it just me feel like that haha
maa be able to saw and communicate with  obake 
kinda unique and sugee!!
but to fall in love with obake
eto nee
ii kana as  Akane chan kirei and kawaii! huhu

The Sacred Blacksmith

I forgot to updating I had finished this anime!
this kind an interesting anime
but I prefer the knight is otoko
Ah yeah I know Luke also had a fight scene even as a blacksmith
but if he a real knight
he will be much more kakkoi!
Anyway I love to had a demon sword like Aria~
Shes kirei and a tsuyoi sword
ii na to had her!

Ahh I just looks like hentai oyaji

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Asura Crayin

I had just finish this anime
Demo nee 
I dont find this anime omoishiroii
but I do love when they make random joke
so ii kara 
I already watch and finish it~

Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Fairy Tail!!!

click click for more info