Tuesday, 29 July 2014

11 Nin mo Iru

Full house yaw!!
But ii darou!!
Its kind of fun!
I also hope I had a lot of ototo or imoto
but I prefer ototo more

Friday, 18 July 2014

Tenshi na Konamaiki

Finish watch this!!
It is a very funny anime!!
The way Genzo kun change extraordinary!
So it is true that love can change anything
Naahhh Its just anime!
I still dont believe it haha
Maaa Maa
Back to the anime
I quite dissapointed at the end the anime!!
I want Megumi to be Otoko!!!
I know if she change the story will become quite complicated
but I want to see her as otoko!!
kakkoi kana?? 

Friday, 11 July 2014

For drama I able to finish this


Asuko March

Ore ore
eto this not drama
haha well~~

Eto what else??
Im forgetting what I been watching!!

Full moon wa Sagashite

I able to finish this anime in two days!!
Hahaha ore sugee!
Whenever I watch old anime it give me the same feeling
I dont how to put it..
It is not a bad thing but also not a very good thing
maa ii kara
I love the song
err she got very huge voice for her age!
This two..
eto I belive they are not shinigami haha
They are guardian!!

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

About this anime..
I like the beginning of the story
But somehow I become less interested..
The ending also weird..
maa maa atleast I able to finish this 

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Im interested in this animation because of the colour.
Once I watch the first episode I become addicted!!
Ne ne I fall for Usa kun!!
Yasashi otoko!
Demo ne it had ended...
=.= I need more!!!
This couple so sweet!!
Please confess both of you! teehehe

No game no life

Sugeee!! both tensai!!!
For the first time gamer are treat highly.
Well you know hikikimori person usually will be treated as disgusting ningen
Maa not for me!
I also have the time when I becoming hikikimori by watching anime and play game
kakkoi darou! haha
Both Sora and Shiro are suteki!!
Good combination darou!!!
This kind of relationship between kyoudai are subarashii!!

Love live 2

Know what I just downloading this anime recently..
before this I updating anime at this website (dont want to mention) heh
but when I check it out other anime website
I found love live got 2nd season!
It so much fun to watch this anime!
Every episode had different song to listen to..
Ii nee!!
At the end this anime able to make me cry!!
Yatta It means this anime are really wonderful!!!
Their friendship subarashi!!
They accept each other personality sincerely..

Isshuukan friends

Yatta at first I really glad
it become ANIME!!
I read the manga and I really love the story!!!
demo ne demo ne 
It too short!!!
I need to know about their friendship progress!!
Read the manga not enough!!!
maa I should wait for second season then..