Saturday, 14 February 2015

My old cat die..

Well not today
a few week before
I dont want to post about him 
directly on the day he die
cox it feel not right..
I really love him
I dont regret anything
cox I be there for him 24 hour non stop
feed him until he bite my hand
hug him even his body give my whole body itchy
even now i had that scar =D
and I stay with him at his last moment
I hold his hand
kiss his cheek
until he go forever....
I cry all night
even now I feel like crying cox i miss him
one day I will follow you..
wait for me..
we will be together again
I hope u meet ur wife abby there
Tell her I love her
I love both of u
I will never forget you..
You know all my cats are my soul
you the one who know my true nature
U much more important than anything else in this world...
I really really love you comei...
until we meet again....

love by ur owner