Wednesday, 27 July 2016

my life depends on everyone palms..

world are round 
our life cycle are round
sometime we at above
sometime we at below
sometime we happy 
sometime we not
I always try to fake my life
fake my personality
be perfect ningen
But I always end up showing who are really me
people will never see how good, how kind u are
try be evil with or without intention
u will know the world are turning back of u..
all my plan ..
eto actually i dont have any plan..
how i spent my off days
depends on everyone free time
for me I satisfied just be lazy on my smelly bed..
watching anime
playing game
talk to pets..
create my own imagination world
that was my perfect and ideal holiday..
but did it happen?
I always satisfied other people requested
go there go here..
but on the same time I try to enjoy it
so that my off day wont be spoil..
if sometime Im the one who requested..
This day will happen...
if I know friendship need a just one side of kindness
one side priority
one side responsibility
one side effort
I rather choose to be alone...

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