Saturday, 2 July 2016

Boboiboy Musim ke 3

always I dont wanna to see this endddddedd
well till the next season
I hope I can see more Fang scene
ahh I should call him fang or pang?
I really hope to see Fang much more attach to the group
Btwayy Boboiboy air comei

Assassination Classroom Season 2

Perfect ending
most perfect ending
sad and at the same time keep move on n find the happiness
ahhh I need someone like koro sensei to teach me more about life
I guess I still not good as ningen
Kore sensei allow me be ur student!

99.9 keiji senmon bengoshi

My most most favourite matsujun drama for now!!!!!
I love his hair style
n his weird personality
and also his lame joke with sada san 
find the truth for every case 
need a lot of effort!