Saturday, 31 December 2016

end of my list of anime this year

1. Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari

2. saiki kusuo no psi nan

3. Natsume Yuujinchou Go

4. Nanbaka

5. Days

6. Yuri on Ice

7. Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki 

8. Anitore xx

9. Bloodivores

10. Fune no Amu

11. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

12. Bungou Stray Dogs S2

ahh onaka ippai desu

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Worst Friend ever..

where I know I dont deserved to have long term relationship with anyone
I ddnt mean for male friends..
cos I ddnt care about them..
I just care about my childhood friends, dip, dgree, intern, previous job..
But I know they dont ever care about me..
People growing out mature and whatsoever
I just the same
kodomo, creepy, etc..
my kind of friendship need commitment
 I tot everyone enjoy talking with me..
but its a burden to be my friends..
dayo ne...
I dont deserved friendship..
I had to learn to be alone and just treasure my friendship
without involving myself with the real person..
i deserved a memory of the friendship only
I should appreciate that
atleast I had something..