Friday, 25 November 2011

Otanjoubi Omeideto Ohno Satoshi

Yayy Its oh chan tanjoubi!! Today, 26 nov, he turning 31 Years Old!
Ahh for me he looks exactly like 24 or 25. Baby Face^^
I hope Ohno san will success in anything that he done in his life^^
I wonder how he celebrate his birthday.. hehe
Me as a fan will always support u! Ohno San Saiko!!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Pandora Hearts

I had just finish this anime^^ and my opinion.. I glad that i watch this anime! yay!

Its was very harmony, dramatic and comedy anime. Along with the story, it always play a music box,lacey. It make me feel peace and calm..

At the first episode,  sure it had a lot of question! I dont want to be spoil here! haha actually I know some other people of cox had watch this anime. It is not a new anime huh.  Then smoothly every episode I learn the answer of those question^^ But i wonder about the ending..

It is not clear!

 It`s because it will be in season 2? If true I glad to hear it^^ 

Here the picture of the main char. Oz, Alice or B-Rabbit and Gilbert.
And my favourite of coz Oz Bezarius Sama^^

Ahh about the ending, I really like when Oz say, "we are the author of this story.." in the last episode.
Its true!

Everyone can created their own life just what they want it to be! Do not depends the fate to much. If you cant.. dont argue it. U will know later that it was what u want^^

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Finishing Elfen Lied in one day^^

Sugoku omoishiroii!!  I never expect that the story will become much more interesting. I just cant move my eyes away from my kakkoi lappy! heh. At first i feel that the story is really crazy! As in the first episode i suffer to watch a lot of blood split anywhere, broken hand, head.. Ughh.. Eventhough i love to watch anime fighting with result of blood but this anime are totally crazy!

See?!! Its so detailed!!!
Maa ii yo. Every characters in this anime had their own sadness memory.

 When they told their background i feel so touching and wanna cry.. wu wu.. How hard their life that they endure until they grow up. With the sound effect of music box, title Lilium make it u even more want to crying.. Ah the main male cast, Kohta kun are sugoku yasashi!! If i met him no wonder I fall for him lalalalala

I provide the music box^^ Yayy

Thursday, 17 November 2011

hmm rase da xsmer dulu ??

Dulu ari2 bnda yg nmpk, terjadi, terfikir dan termcm2 sumer rse nk post je wat status.. Tp sekarang perasaan tue da hilang..

nk kte x aktiv da sah bohong!

Mlalui fb la dpt borak ngan kwn2 skola dulu al mklum la pyakit xske angkat phone n bls msg mcm siput da jadi darah daging. wow ayat.

 Then agk kerap la on fb. Tp nmpk cm xaktiv kn hoho
 Hmm sbb tue ke..  ahh nandemonai yo.. hehe
Sore Jaa

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

If im one of the chosen kids in digital world which digimon i wanna own

I had watch Digimon since i was in standard 5. I really loves this anime even today^^ Of coz i had imagine to be one of them. If i had this opportunity and i can choose, i will take Terriermon^^
Such a kawaii digimon!!!!

kyaaaaaa!! I really want to hug Terriermon!! The reason why i want Terriermon as my digimon of coz because its kawaii! , long ears! and Terriermon likes to sit on the head of his owner as it had a short leg and will be quickly tired to walk.
I realy like if my pet want to be hug every moment>.< hehe but definitely they wont like it! Terriermon may looks weak but if it mine i want to protect it when it is at this form. When it changed it will Protect me back^^ Then i can be Dependable owner.
I change my desktop background to Terriermon Now. It really hard to change it to others photo hehe.

hora kawaii ne?!