Saturday, 30 June 2012

RH Plus

Vampire story
I wonder why vampire story always have ikemen?!
Is that true that they had beautiful face?!
maa ii kara

At first when I watch this part
I was like WOAHHHH!!!
Then I keep excitedly watching all the episode!!
They all had sad memory..
But now they had better life
kazoku mitai 
even vampire should be happy ne!!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Sankarea also end??

Eh Eh!
I thought the story gonna be long!
I want to watch it until she disappear!!

I want to know more!!

ahh mybe I should wait..
Season 2 come soon kana~

Final Natsuiro Kiseki

So its end..
 every best anime gonna ending..
This anime always make me think about all my friends^^
Both my best best school and collage friends
Yappari it give me ii kanji..
The day they spent together are so wonderful!
My friends and I also had a lot of place that we spent but of course
without any kiseki!
I gonna miss this anime

Final Sakamichi no Apollon

This anime subarashii!!!!
The flow of the story are just perfect!
Happy ending ne!
Yappari Tomodachi are very important, wonderful, and fun!
By having them we know That our life are precious.
Yes we separate in order to chase our dream and follow our fate..
when we had frienship as our bond 
someday we will meet!
Zettai ni!

The day they meet..

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

End of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Nice ending! Nice ending!
It was funny!
but I wonder the reason of the fight on last part >.>

yare yare
just because adult game!
Imi wakanai!

But I like the story funny and kawaii^^
The protagonist Mahiro kun kawaii >,<
Nyarko san. She kawaii and very annoying
but thats make the story omoishiroii!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Eh eh Hiiro no Kakera also ending??!

Im not sure but when I watch episode 13 it kind of the end!

Maji dayo!
ahh ahh at the time I really really fall in love with this anime, it ends?!
I had to wait next week for the confirmation..

My ichiban in this anime
For me in this story he annoying!
He talked without thinking other kimochi!
He short-tempered!
I noticed he took time to be friendly with someone new(tamayori hime)
When he accepted he will be much more yasashi!

Maji de Kimi to Boku was end!!!!??

Nooooooooooooooo!! (XoX)
I really really love this anime!!!
I download it today and it say completed series!
NO!! please dont!!!
Maybe it was some mistake!
I`ll wait for next week for the confirmation! lalalala~~

For today episode its about Shun kun worried on his future..

All people are worrying the same problem huh..
about the course that I apply.. actually suki janaii..
kirai janai..
I just follow my fate...
I really hope my life will become more interesting
and I can say I proud to become me!
Sometime I feel urayamashii with people like Arashi..

They glad to be themselves
and minna say arashi no koto suki desu!!
I also one of them!

I hope someday my life will change the way I can proud with....

Fate Zero End

When I watch the ending..
I say "ahh thats what happen..."
How Kiritsugu Emiya adopted Shirou..
Why Saber desperately want to win the grail..
Who Sakura chan? Her relationship with Rin...
Why Illyasviel want Shirou as her nii chan...
So that happened..
I understand Fate/stay night better..

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia Ending!

The story just fine!
I glad I had watch it!
At first I really thought that it gonna had sad ending!
ahh kirai janai kedo!
you see I really dont know how can ghost couple with human..
But this is anime!
Anything can happen ne!!


Monday, 25 June 2012

Rebound *(^o^)*

Finishing Rebound!

Yayyy!!!  I really enjoying the story.
Ne when I watch it at first, I kinda feel I want to be moto moto slim!!
Incredible she can became that thin!!!
But she rebound >.> aiyak!
But I really love her character!

Yasashikute, Kawaiikute, Kodomo mitai
Her character make the story perfect-o!
Ahh eto Imai Taichi's cake!!
Tabetai na!!
I really glad that it was happy ending story!
I even dream of this story!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Ima I watching Kaichou Maid Sama

A nice story to watch =D
Demo ne I dont know why I dont really into the story..
I know this anime is one of the anime that get higher rating.
Mybe this genre not the anime that I prefer..
Ahh I know because too many anime I had watch, it kinda have the same story!
But I agree the way Usui approach Ayuzawa kind of Kawaii n omoishiroii!

Ah Ah Chotto matte!!
I realized that Soutarou Kanou appearance are same with Fang from Boboiboy!!
Hora Mite
Soutarou Kanou

Same huh?!!!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Spirited Away

Lately I keep thinking about this anime!
Yappari I should watch it again!!
This anime was my ichiban among others that from studio ghibli.
I really satisfied with the flow of the story.
It give me ii kanji =D
I really love to see the way Haku protected and helps Chihiro!
Nice Couple!
Demo ne..
At the ending Haku say that he cant come with her
but they will meet again

I want to see they meet!!!
Again means when?!
Tell me!!!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Koukou Debut!

For the first time I feel that when I had kareshi 
I also want him to pat my head!
I also learn how to be mote mote girl!
Demo ne..
I prefer be myself..
I want someone to accept me the way I am.
Otoko around me not really accept me
They say * x abis2 anime*
This story mecha mecha omoishiroii!!
N I also love all the cast!!
When I saw him quickly I say ahh Philip Kamen Rider W!
Love his character in this movie!
But I fall for Yui Asaoka
I search about him!
Yuki Furukawa
The most important thing he fluent in english!!! 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

RE-watching Shiki

A horror and super natural anime that the best ever!!
I glad I bought the DVD!
This anime don't deserved to be downloaded!
Should buy it! maji de!
Hora I happily re watching it, again n again!
I always wonder what I should do if this eye watching me!
Kowaiii yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When a girl, secretly admire one boy and secretly watching over him,
it fine
but please!
Dont do it If you are dead!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Right now I watching Shinryaku! Ika Musume

I really wanna share about the episode 3!
Then I make a gif!

Haha peole always think extravaganza!
The reality is always futsu!
Hiperbola huh!


It was interesting.
But I don't really like anime about mahjong.
 because I don't understand the rule n how to play it.
But I do like when they declare ron, tsumo and riichi!
Hontoni suteki!

Ahh I realized that the relationship between Saki n Nodoka are too close!

They are not just friends!
haha just my opinion but the true they are very close friends!

My ichiban character is Saki! yayy!!

Her play styles so wonderful!
I enjoying watching her victory! ^^

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


An interesting story to watch!
I learn about mushi and super natural thing happen in this world..
or maybe it depends on every culture`s believe..
hmm I dont heard about it in my culture..
I do saw something black float!
But I dont know either it was my imagination..

Anyway I love Ginko character!

If the story tell a bit more about him I be really really glad!
For his character still have a lot of mystery need to be told!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Latest Sakamichi no Apollon

Owaaahhh this anime become much more must anime to watch!
I really understand what kaoru  feel..
how he help others and handle the pain instead..
Ahh he so mature!
But why! why!
Ri chan turn down kaoru confession and later he start feel emotion for him!
on the other hand, Sen start to realize Ri chan
waaaaaa feeling is complicated issue!
I wondering how this anime will end!