Sunday, 29 March 2015

Koufuku Graffiti

Anime about food!
Ii janai?
However nice word
Food will be delicious when we eat it with someone
yea true
but it also will me make me fat!
hahaha nway I love their way of friendship
so sweet
I wanna try to make omelete like them.
Im not good with cook==

Magic Kaito 1412

was end!
Well yea it was similar with magic Kaito
I wonder why the first magic kaito does not come up with new episode
At least this end
without ending thought
Ahh at the last episode
what was that mean when kaito read his kaasan letter
and said hows she know ?
then how?? what??
If someone kind enough to replied my blog
please do answer me

Tokyo Ghoul Root A

Well what was that mean??
yea Hide die..
Ore tennen+baka dakara
I cant understand season 2 all out
Most important I dont get excited compare to season 1
We got season 3 right?
How kaneki??
Is he die???

Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

This anime I cant except i will end!!!
With the last episode like that...

Friday, 27 March 2015

Akatsuki no Yoana

I dont really watch anime with other countries based
like this anime, it based on Korea
See the name
(search yourself)
but for this anime
its an exceptional
I interested with the key word
the king died and how the princess gonna survived
well I also want to be strong like her
maji shes so tsuyoi!
with that thin n small body
marry me yoana chan!
nahh im girl and im normal
so shin ah come to me!
ok I mention here
blue dragon mine
i dont want to share 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Shigatsu Kimi no Uso

has ended...
Im so touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the last letter from someone u love
tell that shes love u from the bgining
So sweet!!
like always i dont want to make a spoiler
Go watch it you otaku! hahaha
plus I really love Kaori Chan char
shes full of herself
died without regret huh
One day I will use my own life fully
just one day..

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Day After My Tanjoubi

Dear me,

I wrote this post for me 10 years later which it means to me at 34 years old. Hi there me!
Hows my life going on?
Did I become rich? hahaha How many country I able to go? The most important thing
am I still alive? hehe
You know I really never care eto I mean I dont wanna care about my tanjoubi
cox it makes me old plus it never turn out to be good =D
nan darou ne.. but this year I only get wish from someone who recognize me as their friends
Well atleast I know haha my otosan forgot lol
put that aside
Hey me please be someone that I can be proud when I read this post in future
For now my life its totally sucks
I dont have any achievement to proud too.
somehow I feel like I fail as human
But still I try to improve myself so that I can be someone better
Ne You know who I am right? My capability... I know people said im useless.. some other be kind and said im so negative lol
im the one who know me.. Well Tanjoubi omeideto me for getting 34 years old hahaha
seriously if i still had this baby face we still young haha
I hope U, I mean I dont face this situation=D
Have a nice life! Be weird hahaha cox I already weird
nah dont worry deep in me proud of that part haha

Please read this me 34 year old... If on that time had time machine contact me after u read this! we should console each others LOL