Sunday, 21 February 2016

Yasashi Uncle

Today like always I walked my cat
and like always stray cats came along with me
but no worries my otosan already feed them
so they just lying around n join walked with my cat
Then my neighbor dog want to join us
Yeah I know
Im islam i cant touch a dog
but be near them for sure no problem as long we dont touch
im not that brave with dogs though
but I do love dogs
Then suddenly random uncle saw us
he stop his motorcycle in front us
and said
"what a nice view
cats n dog be together without a fight
I hope our people like this animal
stay together"

aww so deep..
He also said
I read al-quran even Im not muslim
I dunno got al quran with chinese translation in malaysia!
n someone non muslin read it
how beautiful is that
Then he telling us a lot of moral value
to me
yasashi nee

Ahh this not related.
he ask how old i am
my kaasan said
guess it
i just smile
Then he said 19!
whahahahha yeah i had young face
then my mom siad lewl no 
uncle said 
"a person who had young face had a very pure heart"
thats show in their face
i dunno about that
But im happy to heard it

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

+10 Gbow

Can u believe that?!
My last year wish list at last 
I got it!!!!!!!!
nah still my gaming friends called me nub
But its ok 
Because it make me feel close to them
omg Im so happy
now i can quit ro without any regret
what a wonderful days~

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Flying Colors

I really didnt expecting it would be this good!
Im so touch with its story line
I cried a lot on this!
So many lesson we can get from this!
Dont make a family failed..
Fix it..
had kibou on it
Believe it one day 
all gonna be ok..
I hope this apply on my life too..
Recently I so depress
Thanks for making me cried
Somehow I feel relieved..
Arigato ne

p/s - must watch this movie!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Clown Girl with Red Hair

A weird things happen to me..
half sleep maybe
I wake up in the morning
bacause I heard a weird scary laughing
I saw at the end of my leg
A clown with red hair standing with a laugh and smile on her face
seriously her face so scary!
Its seem like Im sleep but on the other half Im not
Shes right there
I cried
"go away.. just go away.."
then I close my eyes
after a few minute I open my eyes
Shes still there
With a huge smile on her face
I cried
"just go away, Im not scared of you..
Just GO"
Then I close my eyes back and open it
one of her leg move
to leave my bed
I sort of relieved
but then she saw me looking at her
Quickly I close my eyes back
But clearly I heard she laugh
Im curious so I open my eyes
Oh no
she back at her beginning position....
Laugh loudly
She know I scared of her
I want to run from my room
but I cant move
its take a few minute until I able to move
Then after I can move
Theres nothing there
Im all alone in my room
I wonder it is just a dream
I feel like I meet her before..
so I google a clown girl with red hair
Nothing similar with her
what it is...
who is she..
it is just a dream...?