Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Re-watching Lucky Star

A..a.. gomen gomen.
I forget To mention about this anime!
Actually before I quit from my part time job
I always spent my time with this anime!
Watching it secretly using my hand phone during works^^
he  he  he  he 
when I break alone, I will find a place to watching it
before sleep.. 
*I will say like "ahh only one episode before sleep"*
Ah once watching lucky star 
I'll become addicted!
My Favourite character is Konata chan!!
Why I like her?
Jang Jang!!
because she's OTAKU!!!
All her personality zenbu..zenbu..

p/s- err I actually dont like to watch lucky channel.. I always skip it. lalala~<3

         hehe I wonder Akira Minami Chan will irritates with my statement. huhu

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Arashi no Yoru ni

For the first time I watch an anime about forbidden friendship!
The key word of this anime 
"Arashi no Yoru ni"
The secret word between Mei (goat) and Gabu (wolf)
This word is the beginning of their truly friendship.
Secret friends huh!
ii naa!!
I really love to watch the flow of their friendship.
When Gabu had to hold himself not to eat Mei as goat is his ichiban favourite food.

When they run together in order to protect their friendship.
I really was touch when Mei sacrificed himself as food to Gabu..
Then Gabu cried and say stop rumbling to himself..
Why I'm a wolf....

Then he agreed!
I thought ahh that's the ending..
but amazingly whenever happen he cant eat his own friends!!!!
Thats the friendship I searching for!

P/s- For me Mei is a male goat but what he did look likes he is female. o_0

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Iruka Sensei

When I watching naruto shippuden episode 275
I am proud with u Iruka sensei.
U are the best sensei !!
No wonder you are so special in Naruto heart!
One word in the beginning of the naruto story make Naruto go this far.
He listen to him.
If Iruka sensei cant stop Naruto,
no body cant..
wahhhhh Iruka sensei!!!!!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Chouji kun suteki!

Tsuyoi ne!!
I really love to watch him when he fight!
He become kakkoi n much slim!
His kindness was his stronger point!
ii na if kindness can become my stronger point..
I dont know what my stronger point..
but I confidently understand my weak point 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

K-ON Movie

Currently I had finishing K-ON Movie.
I glad that I follow this anime and love it from my bottom heart^^
I so impress that they went trip to London before graduation time!
And most important thing they created a very nice song for Azu-nyan!
I really really touched when I heard this song.
Their kizuna are so wonderful!

I wonder if I deserved to had friends like them..
It is true that right now I had a lot of best friends!
My middle school friends, high school, diploma friends..
Yes we still contact each other.
but I dont know am I also their best friends in their heart?
Did there need me?
One day will they forget me?
Did I had done what best friends should do..
But one thing I always keep in mind 
Once friends always friends..
Even thought I say like this..
Some time I the one who want to disappear from their life..
It is not that I dont appreciate them..
But it just like..
 I feel that they did not need me as their friends anymore..