Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sukitte ii na yo just finished!! oh Nice ending!! Nice ending!!!

I thought it was finished last week!!
Thats the ending I was looking for!!!
Love this anime!!!

Each character have the ending that really sweet!!

Hayakawa Kakeru also had the ending
Ahhh sweet~~

Saturday, 29 December 2012

OMG Falling in love with Ryunosuke Akasaka

At first I thought he was onnanoko!
I glad he was kakkoi coldness otoko!!!
I get motto motto interested with sakura-so no pet na kanojo!!
This scene was subarashii!!

Another Ghost Stories to share!!

Did you ever saw a ghost in your life?
I did saw a ghost!
One night my family and I watch a movie until near midnight.
After the movie end
my okaachan make a maggie 
I follow her as I also hungry  hehe
After finished my maggie I went upstair first. 
On that time my oneechan n ototo already sleep..
Then I laying down on my bed..
About to sleep.. 
but I want to go to toilet first..
I wait for my okaachan to enter her room
to accompany me..
Then I saw a beautiful lady wearing a white cloth with a long hair
enter my okaachan room
Actually I dont thougt that things was a ghost
I thought it was my okaachan!

During that time I always have a small torchlight with me
Just for fun heh
But the torchlight was gone!
ii ka.. Its not that my house blackout.
So I follow that lady!
When I enter my okaachan room 
the lady was gone!
I go downstair 
and I saw my okachan was perform a solah.
Look at a watch accurately 12a.m...

Friday, 28 December 2012

Wonderful scene

Know what?
I just remember one scene in Sukitte ii na yo
When Kai realized he fall for Mei
He told Yamato his feeling

Then Megumi told her how stupid he is.
You want to break your friendship with Yamato kun
Then he say
Baka baka shi. Just because of that our friendship will break
How simple it is!!

Friendship is something that so wonderful
not easily can be break!

Kai Takemura<3<3<3

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Arashi never fail to make me smile ^^

When I check my tumblr
I found this picture
When sho kun turn to look at ohno 
My heart was doki doki!!!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tonari no Kaibutsu kun

Also ended..
Hmmm actually I dont satisfied with the ending..
naze nara..
I need to know more about each characters personalities..

er the relationship between Haru n Mitty just like that??
Ahh I hope Sasayan will end up with Natsume chan *(>o<)*
but.. hmm
Need season 2!!!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Hiiro no Kakera

Already watch all the episode.
When I watch the season 2 
it become much more serious anime
as well as interesting!!
Those guardian become stronger n act as proper guardians..
not to mention at the beginning of the story 
I kinda disappointed  because  Suguru san uragirimono
but ii kara he not a traitor!!
Then the last episode those fight yapari sugee!!!
They manage to destroy onikirimaru!!
The last fan services totally subarashii!!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sukitte ii na yo just finished!!

A sweet anime just ended!!
Feeling a little lonely..
This anime always make me want to have someone special..
Its interesting to watch Mei chan attitude changes episode by episode
If I was a boy I also love her attitude!
Omoishiroii n kawaii<3<3

Sword Art Online

Today the last episode of SAO!!
Waaaaaaaaaaa The best anime for 2012 was ended!!!
I really fall in love with Kirito kun!
He so kakkoi!!
I really love to watch the relationship between Kirito, Asuna n Yui.
I really hope I  there was season 2 later..

The best moment in this anime for me is when Kirito nearly died

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hyuuga Neji died....

In naruto u r my ichiban..
It hurt me when I learn about u...
Recently I been busy with test, asgmnt n presentation..
It hurt me even more bcoz when I dont keep in touch with my favourite anime this happen!!!
It doesnt matter if u badly hurt by please dont died,,,
I need u around in Naruto stories..
I love u and I also remember I had a dream of u when I in high school
That time I saw u
I become so excited
U look cool but wont smile..
I say that I want to be ur younger sister
Then u smile a little n agree!!
Kyaaa!!! I know on that time I am older than u!!
but it doesnt matter!!! IT just a very NIce lucky dream!!!
please be alive...

Your last word are beautiful.
I finally understand the freedom of being able to choose your death to protect your comrades.

Hero always died with a big smile on their last moment..

Hyuuga Neji you will always be one of my favourite characters
I will always remember you..